The Causes of Divorce

May 6, 2019
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Rather than being some arbitrary cataclysm hitting people entirely out of the blue, there are actually many causes of divorce. Unfortunately, in today’s world, divorce is more commonplace than ever before. Some couples spend months or even years, trying to work out their problems. On the other hand, there are those who choose to divorce at the first sign of trouble.
One of the biggest causes of divorce is incompatibility. Many couples marry too soon in the relationship, before they really know each other. It is quite easy to overlook potential problems when love is brand new. It’s only after the wedding and when living together that these couples see each other as they really are.
Lack of communication is another cause of divorce. Let’s face it, no marriage is perfect. Every couple goes through rough times, at different points in their relationship. Even the smallest of problems can escalate into much larger ones, if they are ignored.
It is very important to practice good communication skills at the BEGINNING of a relationship. By doing so, it will be much easier to discuss things, when problems arise.

There are three things that are said to cause divorce among younger couples. These things are money, sex and time. In this day and age, many of these couples bring their individual debts, into the marriage. This causes friction right from the start because it usually affects the overall financial situation.
Sex. The one thing thought to bring couples closer is often the one thing that tears them apart. Whether it is the lack of it, incompatibility in that area or infidelity, sex-related issues are the cause of a high percentage of divorce, among couples of all age groups.
Many marriages fail because of the need to better prioritize time. When one person in a relationship feels they must handle all of the bill paying, household tasks, etc., they can quickly start to resent it.
Unfortunately, because of the overwhelming debts some couples face, there are instances where either the husband or wife must work long hours. When this happens that person doesn’t have much choice when it comes to prioritizing.
Domestic violence is on the rise. Sadly, it accounts for a large number of divorces, every year. Those who suffer from this type of abuse, either physical or verbal, need to remember that their health and safety is more important than saving a troubled marriage.
Counseling can help, of course. But, in cases where it won’t it is better to end the relationship.