Divorce with and without Attorney in Indiana

May 6, 2019
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As long as happy young people stand in the church and make oaths of eternal love, the divorce rate in Indiana as well as in the whole world continues to grow. There are fewer and fewer people willing to bear the burden of marriage bonds without complaint if the relationship with the spouse has ceased to bring joy and comfort. Young couples who have been married for less than a year and spouses who have already raised children are also divorced. If you have made the final decision for yourself to dissolve your marriage, now all you have to do is go through the divorce process in Indiana.

This article will help you to decide in what cases it is necessary to hire Indiana divorce lawyers, and when you will be able to cope with this task independently.

Why Did Lawyers Accompany the Divorce Process in Indiana More and More Often?

Unfortunately, not everyone can afford to hire an Indiana divorce attorney to participate in court sessions related to the dissolution of marriage and the division of property of spouses. Many families have to deal with such unpleasant situations as divorce in court, establishing procedures for the upbringing and maintenance of minor children, and much more. And in most cases, a divorce raises the question of the division of property. The problem of the fair division of property jointly acquired in marriage has become more acute in recent decades due to the difference in the incomes of the spouses. Often there are attempts to remove assets from the control of the wife or husband. The practice knows cases when someone uses tricks to try to take away the pre-marital property of an ex-spouse. In order not to lose your money, real estate, valuables, and mental health during a divorce, in some situations it is reasonable to get the support of divorce attorneys in Indiana.

To Hire or Not to Hire?

The final answer to this question is determined depending on the situation in which the spouses have fallen, as well as on some additional circumstances. In some cases, it is sufficient to competently file for divorce in Indiana and quickly go through the procedure established by law. But there are more difficult situations (for example, in the presence of children, shared property, disputes, etc.). In this case, the registration of a divorce may be accompanied by full-fledged legal proceedings with many nuances and will be long in time.

The best divorce lawyers in Indiana will help you to know your rights and tell you the sequence of actions during a divorce:

What steps should be taken before the start of the separation (the division of property, etc.);

How long does it take to get a divorce in Indiana;

how best to act during the trial, the division of jointly acquired property, in resolving issues of raising children, collecting alimony, etc .;

what are Indiana divorce laws regarding ownership and how to minimize material losses in the division of property;

how to get your part of the jointly acquired property;

what documents need to be collected for drawing up Indiana divorce property basic quit claim deed form.

Situations You May Not Need a Lawyer

There are the following situations when the do it yourself divorce in Indiana becomes possible.

Both husband and wife worked during the marriage, and their incomes are about the same,

They do not have joint minor children.

They have not acquired any joint property.

Both spouses agree to participate equally in the lives of their minor children, and each of them recognizes the right of the other spouse to equal participation in the maintenance and upbringing of children.

They can voluntarily agree on how to divide the joint property and resolve the issue of recovery of alimony

The spouses agree to sign an agreement on the upbringing and maintenance of children, as well as the procedure for visiting children by one of the parents.

If your situation is similar to one or more of this list, you can get advice from an Indiana, divorce attorney.

Situations When It Is Necessary to Hire a Competent Lawyer

These situations indicate the emergence of a future legal dispute and they should be carefully studied by a lawyer to explain the current legislation, the possible actions of the other spouse, collect the documents promptly, and represent your interests in court in the future.

Be sure to hire a lawyer to accompany your process in the following cases:

If a criminal lawsuit is filed against one of the spouses;

If you find yourself in situations involving domestic violence divorce Indiana or child abuse.

Considering the case, the judges have become meticulously concerned with the circumstances related to the protection of the rights of children upon separation;

If there was a fact of prolonged irresponsible behavior (alcohol abuse, gambling);

If there is a medically confirmed disability or other health problems of one of the spouses;

If there was a fact of concealing property acquired in marriage by one of the spouses;

In case of non-payment of loans to banks or individuals;

In the case of moving one of the spouses to another city or country;

If you want to restrict the second spouse to visit children or to deprive him of parental rights.

In such cases, the divorce processes from ordinary legal work become a rather complicated process associated with collecting evidence, witnesses speaking, examining documents, long debates in court with the participation of a divorce lawyer.

It should also be said about the not quite standard situation. Divorce is usually a joint decision, but the opposite happens sometimes. If you do not want to divorce, then you should ask Indiana attorneys for divorce who will help you fight for your marriage for help.

How a Divorce Attorney in Indiana May Help?

Quite often, unfortunately, relatives and friends discourage divorcing from the use of lawyer services. They may tell you – why to spend extra money if the average cost of divorce in Indiana is not so low? Is it so tricky filing for divorce in Indiana yourself, to find legal information on the Internet?

It is not so easy to divorce in Indiana. On the Internet, you can find a lot of outdated and false information, non-professional comments on Indiana divorce laws. A person without a legal education will have to deal with the nuances of family law for a long time. If a family dispute threatens to drag on (and in controversial cases, the courts may follow one after the other for several years), it will take much time to spend preparing papers for each session so that you can forget about other matters.

The defender has many tasks, in addition to the preparation of papers. A lawyer will not only help to collect the necessary documents for the court but also develop a platform for a reasoned defense of your position. If there is a question about the division of property during a divorce, a lawyer specializing in family law will develop a strategy to protect your interests.

The services of an attorney should include the following:

a complete and comprehensive analysis of the situation and offering the client possible options to resolve family conflict;

preparation of necessary procedural documents for the court;

search for the property of one of the spouses;

filing a lawsuit in court, representing the client’s interests in court;

appeals against a court decision in higher courts;

the assistance of a lawyer at the stage of execution of a court decision.


The services of a lawyer during the divorce are becoming increasingly popular. And this is understandable because couples are trying to make the divorce process more civilized. In this case, divorce attorneys in Indiana help to build your requirements correctly, based on the norms of the law, and not on the affected pride. The lawyer for the divorce proceedings will help the client to get what he needs and at the same time not expose transcendental demands, which are dictated by the desire for revenge.

A divorce lawyer is also a psychologist who directs the thinking of his clients to the legal mainstream. The help of a lawyer consists not only in writing procedural documents but also in emotional support. Knowing that you have the support of a competent person who is on your side, you can be more confident, especially in cases when it comes to victims of family violence.

However, if you are among the lucky ones who are divorced quietly and peacefully, moreover, you were so fortunate that you did not create controversial situations during your family life, then you will need only once. Be so kind to write a legal document that you have reached agreement on all issues, and you can safely move to the question on how to fill out divorce papers Indiana by yourself and launch this process independently.